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10/25/2006 Many of you have asked what my next project car will be? Is there another Bad Ass XXXXXX coming? The answer is no. I have learned from this project that putting money into a car is not "investing", it is simply something you do as a project - not to make money. I have replaced the PT Cruiser in my garage with a 2007 BMW 750li sedan. There is no custom work that needs to be done on this car, this BMW is "bad ass" enough!
10/23/2006 Today I sold the PT Cruiser. It was a sad day for me, but the people who bought it where happy. I've put many hours into the car and too much money. After buying the PT Cruiser for $21K in 2001, then adding over $24K in parts, I had $44K wrapped up in this PT Cruiser. Selling it for $10K was difficult, but I needed to move on. It was a good project and I learned many things. I will continue to keep this website around as an archive of what the Bad Ass PT Cruiser once was. Look around and enjoy how I spent my money.
08/31/2006 I put the PT Cruiser into Auto Trader, Auto-RV and the local Herald papers for the next 3 weeks. I would like to sell the PT this year! Why don't people see the value in this great car? I will never understand. Buy me! Buy me! Buy me! Buy me! Buy me! Buy me!
08/30/2006 I've lowered the price on the Bad Ass PT Cruiser to $9,999!! Believe it. I have removed the stereo equipment and put it back to stock, saving a potential buyer money. I have put all of the equipment into my other vehicles. Now for the cheap price of $9,999 you can have this Bad Ass PT Cruiser.
08/25/2006 In an effort to sell my cruiser, I took the PT Cruiser into the stereo shop. I had them remove all of the audio and video equipment out of the car. I also had them install a new Kenwood cd player to replace the DVD/TV stereo that was in there. Now the PT Cruiser is back to stock looking on the inside.
08/29/2005 I put the PT Cruiser on eBay to see if it would sell. Got many leads but no one met the reserve price of $15,000. Anyone interested in a bad ass PT Cruiser? I've not no more room in the garage for this thing, I am on to bigger and better projects. The first $15K buys it.
04/22/2005 The BadAssPT was featured in the Winter 2005 edition of Cruiser Quarterly Magazine (The magazine for the PT Cruiser Enthusiast). I might have a photo or scan of the article and photos they featured. Pretty sweet!
04/18/2005 I put the 20-inch rims on the PT Cruiser today. It really makes a difference. Now I get the stares and looks that I used to get. I'm all set for another season of shows and cruise'n
04/15/2005 Drove the PT again today, I really need to get the summer 20-inch rims on the car. It looks very dorky with the stock hub caps on there. With gas prices as high as they are, it makes me want to drive this toy even more. My Hummer only gets 9 MPG.
04/13/2005 Bought new brake pads for the PT Cruiser. I thought the sqeeking was the rust from storage, but its time for a new set of front pads. I went lifetime ceramic brakes. Only the best for the Bad Ass PT.
04/05/2005 Drove the PT Cruiser around the area today, the weather was great. I miss the smooth ride of the PT Cruiser and how it handles. The sound system lost its memory settings for the amps and cross overs, so I spent an hour driving around (with windows down) trying to fine tune it. I am sure many people in the area heard me!
04/03/2005 Took the PT Cruiser out of storage today, batter was dead even though I kept a trickle charger on it. Brakes are a little sqeeky, but all seems to be ok. Glad I use synthetic oil.
12/15/2004 Taking the PT to the storage facility today. I need the room in my garage for new projects! Also stuffed in there are two four wheelers and snowmobiles. Phew I need to build another building!
12/02/2004 Took off the monster 20-inch rims and put back on the 15-inch hub caps in preperation for putting it into storage. I have not driven it since I got it cleaned, just been sitting in my garage taking up too much space.
11/03/2004 Freshly waxed the PT today to get it ready for storage. Interior, exterior and engine compartment. Yes - its clean!
04/10/2004 Today I went in for my appointment to get the cambers corrected on the PT. They informed me that I need a camber kit, so I ordered one online and will have to go back sometime next week to get it installed. In the mean time, I am not driving it for fear of ruining the brand new tires.
04/08/2004 Went to the tire shop and had them put back on the chrome rims today. It looks much better now. After that I headed over to the alignment shop to see if my car would fit on the lift.
04/07/2004 I took the PT Cruiser out of storage today. It started right up with no problems! Driving it was a bit rough, there was some rust built up on the rotors. The vinyl around the amp rack and subwoofers is all coming off. I am going to need it re-done. The moisture must have gotten to it over winter. Also, the mirrors under the subs popped off too. Nothing too big. Looking forward to another great season of driving it.
11/21/2003 The PT Cruiser went into storage today. It was a fairly nice day and good weather to take the freshly waxed PT out for one last cruise. Nothin special occured on the drive to the storage facility. It was difficult to put it away, but she'll be back in 4-5 months!
11/08/2003 Bad news: I took the PT in to change the custom rims/tires with the stock ones for storage. There was a problem with the front tires. It appears because of the lowering springs that there was excessive wear on the inner wells of the tire, so much that the cracks in the tires exposed the metal wires! They tell me its from the front cambers not be adjusted to the lowering of the car. I had to purchase another 2 front Perreli tires and need to shop for some place that can adjust my cambers.
11/07/2003 Had a custom detail job done on the PT Cruiser today. It took about 6 hours to complete, but it was worth it when I got it back. Very nice. Getting it ready for storage.
09/25/2003 I posted my Bad Ass PT for sale. Its not that I don't want it anymore, its just time for a new project. I create project cars/trucks every few years, so this one I have had for a LONG time in my book. I will continue to maintain and update until someone purchases the PT Cruiser. Interested in it? Click Here.
09/10/2003 Got a new DVD video/movie for the PT, its called "Up In Smoke". Its the live tour video of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Ice T, and others. Its a great movie to play while I am at a show or something. Its over 2 hours long with great songs, behind the scenes coverage, etc.
09/05/2003 Went to a Cruise night in Spring Grove at a local pizza place. Great times, nice cars there. I met up with some people who did some work on the PT for me, it was nice to see them again. I walked away with the best of show there.
08/28/2003 Attended the last Cruise Night in Crystal Lake. It was a huge turnout, over 1,000 people attended. I got there late, so I parked in the back of the lot...however when it got darker I had no problem attracting attention with the strobe lights and neon. Goood times.
08/28/2003 I took the PT into the local NTB and got myself a DieHard kick ass battery. Now I will have no problems, its got a long warranty. You know I will use the battery to the fullest.
08/25/2003 Having problems with the stock battery in the PT Cruiser. I have been needing a jump the last view times starting it. Looks like I need to take it in.
06/01/2003 I broke 20,000 miles this weekend. I drove everywhere showing off the bad ass car. It was a great weekend to cruise and many town police knew I was around. A shame I am over 20K miles, but its more fun to drive it.
05/14/2003 Dirty! It has been raining bad around here and I seem to never remember to drive the other cars. The PT is very, very dirty. I also have bad news, during storage this year I did not remove the rims. There was moisture in the garage and the rims are rusting, pretty bad. I have to get some good cleaner to remove this surface rust, if you have any suggestions let me know. Summer is coming!
04/03/2003 I got caught in my first rain of the season. Today I drove the freshly waxed/washed car out today, figuring the weather would hold. I was wrong. Now as I am writing this the car has hours of rain water on it, aaggghhh! Upsetting.
04/01/2003 I want your help! - If you know of any PT Cruiser shows, events, rallys, etc. please contact me with the information. I have yet to find a good website that lists this data. I am specifically looking for PT Cruiser information. Thanks!
03/30/2003 I took the PT Cruiser out of storage today! All went well, the brakes sqweeked a little while driving it home. Other than that, there were no major problems. All of the electronics still worked, the gas tank was full when I put it in storage...and still was. I missed it. I am looking forward to a LONG summer of driving it everywhere I can.
12/04/2002 I have teamed up with to provide a service where you can purchase any of the photos taken by them on this website. You can get 5x7, 8x10, t-shirt, hats, mouse pads and more! Check out what is available if you want to buy some photos. Or you can browse through ALL their other car photos.
10/28/2002 I put the PT Cruiser into storage today. I am going to miss the car. The plan is to bring it back out in April. Any parts that I purchase from now until then will be stored away and added in April.
10/26/2002 Attended a great Import Revolution show. It was a lot of fun, very entertaining. I did not come away with any wins, but I learned a lot. I will be uploading some show photos, I need to get some sleep first! I have never spent 10 hours at one show before...
10/23/2002 I got the car back from its last professional detail of the season before the show and it is put away for storage. The car looks great now that it is cleaned. I hope of judges think the same at the show this weekend!
10/03/2002 The audio portion of the PT cruiser was completed last night. All of the vinyl, face plates and facades are done. The cover plates around the PS2 and all compartments is done! Just in time for my last show. I will updated pics when I get a chance.
10/01/2002 Registered my PT for the Import Revolution show that is going to be held on October 26th in Chicago. I am excited about the show, it will be the first indoor show I attend. It will also be my last show of the 2002 season, as the PT will be in storage for the winter.
09/13/2002 Got my LED exhaust tip via UPS today. I had to install it the moment I received the package. It looks pretty good! I will upload some pics now so that you can see it and spend some time later getting better ones.
09/07/2002 Attended a local MECA sanctioned event. I went there to compete in their "Ride The Light" Neon Contest. After dark the judging started. I walked away with 1st place for interior and 1st place for exterior. There were some awesome displays of neon, however the judges picked my PT Cruiser.
09/04/2002 I am preparing for the winter months. Its only September, but the PT Cruiser will go into storage before Halloween this year. I don't know of any major shows, so I might take off the 20-inch rims and drive it to storage.
08/19/2002 Added an the Krazy Kruizer image from John Detrich. He created the artwork and I think others might be interested in his work. He offers this image on t-shirts, mugs, mousepads and other stuff. Click here if you are interested.
08/14/2002 The MB Quart competition front speakers were added today. The amp I was going to use did not cut it, I had to use my other amp to drive these. Its sounds very loud and I will have updated photos on the new rack and sub enclosure soon.
08/12/2002 Got the 4 eight inch JL subwoofers installed today inside the back hatch above the 2 twelve inch subs. I will be uploading some pictures soon. I expect to hit some hard bass now. I have a few cross over issues to deal with, but its getting there!
08/10/2002 Added some Videos to the website that show the strobes and the blue neon. These videos are in .AVI format and work on Windows operating systems. Feel free to download them if your are interested.
07/29/2002 The editorial director from Velocity Journal automotive magazine helped me take some photos for another auto magazine today. He took many night photos of the neon and some very cool day shots of the PT. I will be uploading them soon.
07/28/2002 Went to a MOPAR fest at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, Wisconsin today. It was a small show that included only Mopar and AMC cars. However there was a PT Cruiser category, I walked away with a trophy for Best Of Class.
07/22/2002 Finalized the work on the logo artwork. I added it to the home page and the top left of every page. I am going to create stickers with the graphic, email me if you are interested.
07/21/2002 I got the PT Cruiser back from the installation of the subs and the rear speakers. I have sound! Some of the amp rack is also completed with the mirror glass and wiring. Its getting there, looking good.
07/18/2002 Bought all of the speakers for the car today! Two JL 12-inch, Four JL 8-inch, MB Quart component set and an MB Quart coaixle. I hope to get the speakers installed this weekend. Boom, Booom, Booooom! Finally I can watch DVD's in Dolby 5.1 Digital with good sound.
06/30/2002 Got the rough design of the box completed and placed in the PT Cruiser. It looks like I am going to have two 12-inch and four 8-inch in the trunk. The amp rack will contain 3 amps placed behind the seat. Photos to be added very soon. Thanks to Neil for the hard work!
06/23/2002 PS2 was installed today under the passenger seat. I will have photos very shortly. Also re-routed the RCA jacks for the AUX2 on the TVs to the center console. This will allow for quick plug-n-play with any A/V stuff. Headphone jacks for the TV's were also re-routed to the center console. Added a AC jack outlet to the console.
06/21/2002 Went to Rockford to check out the car club Rockford Racing. They were cruising and hanging out in large groups throughout the city. Due to the weather there was only 40+ cars. I might head over there another weekend.
06/16/2002 Attended a Father's Day car show in Belvidere. It was very hot, but a good show. I received many good comments and saw some other ideas. There were 2 other PT Cruisers there, but nothing to speak of. I did not hang around for the trophy presentation, so I might have one....?
06/02/2002 Drove over 3 hours to my first PT Cruiser car show. There were over 60 PT Cruiser at the show. It was broken down into 2 different categories, stock and custom. After a long day in the 90 degree weather, I went home with a first place trophy for the custom cruiser category.
05/30/2002 Attended the cruise night in downtown Crystal Lake. Attendance was very high, there were over 200 cars and 500 people! Many people rememberd the PT and were impressed with the new additions.
05/28/2002 Got another oil change today, with 12,000 miles it was about time. The shop was very impressed with the latest changes. They have been seeing the transformation over the last 9 months.
05/25/2002 Completed the installation of the lowering springs (finally), gauge pod and gauges, antenna and replacement gas door. It was a long 10 hour day installing all of this stuff, but it was worth it! I have to start paying attention to the curbs I roll over now.
05/17/2002 A shipment of parts came in today! I got my lowering springs, gauge pod and new gas door. I will be putting these new parts on soon. I hope to upload the before and after photos of the lowering springs so you can get an idea of the difference.
05/04/2002 I stopped by the Mcdonalds in Barlett because I saw some cars being shown off. It turns out the Mcd's is promoting some type of deal every Saturday night. Its something to check out, they had about 20 cars, however I was informed it was their first night. They can handle over 500 cars and expect that before the summer ends.
05/03/2002 First major wash/wax of the season! The car had some serious dust and dirt on it. I spent over 2 hours on the outside and another hour on the interior. It looks sweet, I am going to take some more pictures if its nice this weekend. Stay tuned....
04/24/2002 Time for another oil change. I hate to do it, but its been over 3 months since the last one. I have about 2K miles more to go, but I think there is a reason why they say 3K miles or 3 months....right?
04/13/2002 Brought the PT Cruiser out of storage today and put back on the 20-inch rims. Boy I missed this car! It was a nice day out so I went for a joy ride too.
03/15/2002 Battery is dead, again. I have not driven the PT Cruiser since sometime in early Feb. Its been garage kept and not hooked up to a battery charger. I am not surprised, but that does not mean I cannot be pissed off.
03/14/2002 Site update: Added some color to the left menu bar and boxed in some of the options. I am going to update the site template to give it a little more color and flavor.
03/09/2002 Site update: Added a search function to the left bar of most pages. It currently searches the photos on the site, I will enhance it more later. If you have any problems with it, let me know...
03/08/2002 Signed up for my first PT Cruiser car show that will happen in June. They had almost 100 cruisers last year, I hope to get more ideas and mingle with other PT Cruiser owners.
03/07/2002 NO news because I have not been driving it. :) We had a large snow storm come through and I kept the PT Cruiser in storage. I hope winter ends soon so that I can get the 20-inch rims back on.
02/11/2002 I broke the 10,000 mile marker on the PT Cruiser today. I just *love* driving it and getting looks from other drivers.
02/08/2002 My luck...A friend from out of town came in and she wanted to go out in the "cool" PT Cruiser. After a thowing a couple back at the local sports bar, we drove home. The city police pulled me over and I was just a little over the legal limit. Luckily they were fans of my PT Cruiser and let me go. Thanks to the LITH police, I think I am going to put the PT Cruiser in storage. I have been having bad luck with the car and going "out".
01/22/2002 I found this product from Kenwood called the Music Keg. It plays and holds up to 10 Gig of MP3's or WAV's! The great thing about it is that it plugs right into my current head unit. I cannot wait to buy it. I called Tweeter and they said they might have it in early Feb.
01/21/2002 I washed the PT Cruiser today at a local touch-free car wash. The temp was over 35 degrees (odd for this time of year), the wash removed all of the salt and crap that was collected on the PT. I hope to have limited driving of this bad ass pt through the winter months.
01/14/2002 I just got my second oil change today. The mileage is now 8,950. Phew, I have been driving this way too much!
01/02/2002 I picked up the PT Cruiser from the shop after getting the 2 Alpine seat monitors installed. They did a great job, it looks excellent! I will upload some photos of it soon...
12/27/2001 Purchased the two Alpine monitors today, again from my local Tweeter store. These 6.5" screens will be installed in the rear of the front seats. The size (height, width, depth) was perfect to install them in the seats.
12/26/2001 The strobe light kit has not been working since the battery went dead. I was not sure what happened, my intial thought was that I fried the main brain. However, after closer inspection of the unit, I located a 25W fuse and replaced it. All is well! Hope everyone had a great holiday.
12/22/2001 My battery went dead again! I was valet parked outside a nightclub and I left my underbody strobe lights on. That is no big deal, I have left them on for 8 hours with no problems. However, I think the new Kenwood DVD player installation draws more power than my old stock radio. When you have 4 cold ladies sitting in your PT Cruiser at the end of the night waiting for you to get your car jumped, they are not too happy.
12/20/2001 I got my first "door ding" on the PT Cruiser today. I took some guys to Hooters for lunch and one of them got a bit too excited! While entering the PT one of them opened the back door into the truck next to it, leaving a scrape on the truck and removing the paint from the PT's door. The ironic part is that the guy who dented my door is a huge car buff...
12/18/2001 I started the car audio system by purchasing a Kenwood Touchscreen In-dash Mobile TV/DVD/CD Player (model number KVT-910DVD) from Tweeter. This unit is just a start in the audio/video system that is going into the PT Cruiser. You can read product information from Kenwood about this cool in-dash unit.
12/13/2001 I removed the rear seats, totally, for the first time. I went to the store to purchase a bunk bed for my sons. I was amazed how easily the seats removed and how large of a cargo area was created. I easily fit the hardware for the bunk beds in the back and was able to close the back hatch. Suprisingly, I had no issues removing or putting back the seats!
12/10/2001 I have been putting many miles on the PT cruiser lately. My BMW has been sitting in the garage collecting dust. I am getting ready for the winter months and not sure which car to drive. I might purchase another car/truck for the winter months so that I don't have to drive any of my nice cars. I will keep you posted if I have to drive my PT in the snow.
12/09/2001 I have been getting so much feedback from site visitors that I thought I would share. I just created a Comments section of This way you can read comments (good or bad) from other visitors. Here you can post your own comments too. I look foward to hearing what you think!
12/08/2001 I am not having luck with people getting sick in my PT Cruiser. Maybe it is the neon or something. 2 more people puked in my car last night on the way back from a nightclub in downtown Chicago. I pulled off the expressway, but it was not soon enough. I think I have to stop driving everyone around on nights when there is drinking involved. All is well now, its been cleaned up and the only lasting thing is the memory of it...
11/28/2001 My remote starter was not working too well. I called the shop that installed it (going out of business) and he asked if my battery had gone dead lately? Well, of course it did! The problem was the the fuse under the steering wheel had blown causing the remote start mechanism not work work. All is well, after a $.30 fuse.
11/26/2001 I took off the chrome rims today in preperation for the winter snow coming. I don't plan on driving the PT Cruiser much in the snow, however the road salt would eat away at the nice chrome rims. The Cruiser looks odd with the stock hub caps and tires. I cannot wait until spring!
11/22/2001 The PT Cruiser got puked in for the first time! After a night of clubs/bars the guys and I drove home. A good friend of mine was not able to get out of the PT Cruiser so we left him in there ---> big mistake. After a few hours of staying in the PT Cruiser he ended up puking in/on the back seat. Hey - it happens to everyone!
11/21/2001 Updated the home page to include a mailing list, poll (not working yet), latest photos added, last 3 news stories and most popular photos. Stay tuned for more website updates, when I have time.
11/14/2001 Site update: The Parts Section went live today. People were interested in the exact specifics of the parts that I added, this section will let you know.
11/12/2001 Site update: The new photos section went live today. I finally got the time to upload all of the pictures onto the server and get the backend tracking system working. Now for each photo you can see a thumbnail, then a larger view. I also tried to group them to your interest. Both of these additions were for bandwidth considerations.
11/11/2001 My battery ran dead for the first time! The PT Cruiser was the beacon to help partiers find a Bachelor Party. After a few drinks I forgot the strobe lights, underbody neon and all interior neon was left on for over 5 hours. Oh well, I got jumped and all was well.
11/09/2001 I was following a black Grand Am today, he cut me off and I almost crashed my PT Cruiser into it. Luckily he had a sticker in the back window, and I was able to see that in time to stop. These computer geeks should not be driving on the road.
11/08/2001 Site update: I uploaded some new photos of the green neon in the headlights and behind the grille. I also updated the website to contain better photos of the interior neon at night (its hard to take good night photos!).
11/07/2001 I got my second oil change at Penzoil 10 minute oil change in Mchenry, the mileage is now 5,789. I decided to start putting in synthetic oil into my baby, it costs $39.98, but she is worth it!
11/06/2001 Got my Cruiser back from the alarm shop, they added some more relay's to the system so that the power would not be drawn from other devices. I also found out that they are going out of business, what a shame....does not suprise me one bit.
11/04/2001 The PT Cruiser is going back to the car stereo shop because they interfaced with all of the neon and the strobes and I had problems with it. Every time I turned on the headlights my green underbody neon turned on! Talk about a bummer driving at night....
10/31/2001 Just got the PT Cruiser back from Road Rage Kustoms, they installed 50 feet of blue neon rope on all four doors. They finally installed my green "crusing lights" in the headlights and some more green neon tubes behind the front grille. They also installed an interior strobe light and a 20 inch neon tube in the back window. Very cool at night!
10/24/2001 The PT Cruiser is going back to Road Rage Kustoms again. Most of the parts that I ordered are in now and its time to complete the NEON parts of the car.
10/15/2001 Got a shipment of cool PT Cruiser parts from an online store (when they start paying me commission I will include a link)! I installed a very cool Billet sill plate set, PT license plate frame, steering wheel caps, valve stem caps and more! See the photo section to view pictures of the latest.
10/12/2001 Took the PT to a car stereo/alarm shop to install a custom Viper alarm system. I wanted the security system to integrate with all of the extra neon stuff I added, so it was more than a days work. I ended up with a Viper 550 HF with remote starter. :)
09/17/2001 I had to get my first oil change, I have nearly 3K miles on it so far! I keep on driving it to car shows and show-off events that are far away.
08/19/2001 Took 2nd place in the category 1990+ Customs at the Elgin Riverfest Annual Car Show. Some of the "hard core" gearheads gave me crap about winning with a PT Cruiser, but in the end they appreciated the work that went into it.
08/19/2001 Drove over an hour to attend a custom hot rod show sponsored by AutoZone and several other local auto parts shops. I hit a major rain storm on the drive down, and when I arrived I was informed that the show was cancelled. I turned around and drove to another show that I knew was going on.
08/16/2001 Attended the Crystal Lake Cruise Nights in the downtown historic strip. Had some troubles with the local police for my strobe light kit, but all is well. The PT got some good attention when the sun went down and I was able to show off the neon stuff.
08/12/2001 Went to a air and automobile show in a town called Greenwood at Galt Airport. This show attracted more airplane enthusiasts than car-buffs, however it made for an interesting day. There were no trophies awarded, only one plaque to the car they felt was the best of show. Needless to say they did not pick my 2001 PT Cruiser.
08/11/2001 The PT Cruiser was on display at the annual Lakemoor festival. Road Rage Kustoms asked if they could portrait the PT in their display. The car attracted some attention because of the strobe lights and neon work.
08/10/2001 After 3 weeks of being worked on at Road Rage Kustoms, the PT cruiser is back in my hands! They installed the body modifications, neon accessories, and other cool stuff.
07/19/2001 The PT cruiser went in to the body shop to start the first of the body modifications.
07/05/2001 Put my first FULL tank of gas into the PT cruiser. This was a real special moment for me, of course I went with 93 octane.
06/21/2001 Bought and installed the 18" and 20" rims for the PT Cruiser. I went with the KMC Unit style. It was hard to find a set of 20" rims that would fit on a PT Cruiser. It was even harder to find a matching front set of 18" rims!
06/18/2001 Purchased the PT Cruiser from Schaumburg Chrysler late this evening, phew I finally got one! All of the dealers were asking more than sticker, I was not going to pay that much. This dealer was able to work with me, I felt like I got a deal. Feedback | Contact | Copyright