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Please select the appropriate group to see the photos. I also have some videos.

Audio/Video Components 31 photos
Bone Stock 7 photos
Car Shows 7 photos
Exterior Modifications 34 photos
Interior Modifications 8 photos
Lowering Springs 8 photos
Miscellaneous 16 photos
Neon Accessories 33 photos
Strobe Lights 10 photos


These videos are in Windows .AVI format, please download the correct player to read these videos.

Strobe Lights at Night A display of the 6 strobe lights as it is getting dark.
You can really tell how dramatic the display is from
this video clip.
(1.75 mb)
Blue Interior Neon This video shows the interior of the PT Cruiser when it
is dark, then the switch for the blue rope neon turns on,
then off again. Great video clip.
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